About Roxy Wines

Searching for long term partnership

Roxy wines is searching for long-term partnerships with producers that wants a serious partner with deep knowledge and experience from the Norwegian market. We are making tailor made products for our female consumers as well as focusing on tenders for Vinmonopolet. All our products are available for our consumers through the monopoly and Horeca market.

Perfect partnership

Roxy wines is the perfect partnership between Palmer Group and Victoria Brandvold. Palmer group consists of 18 devoted and highly skilled people selling beer, wine, spirit and Riedel glasses covering all of Norway. Their impressive distribution network makes them a large player in both the on and off trade and perfect collaborator for Roxy wines.

20 years of experience

Victoria Brandvold has over 20 years of experience in the wine and spirit business and is totally dedicated and passionate with wine. Her ambitions and motivations for Roxy Wines combined with great knowledge about the market, vast network and great communication skills will bring Roxy Wines to its goals!

Good communication

and relationships with our consumers are our main keys to success! Communication through the right channels will boost the female consumers and influencers attention to our wines! Correct design and presentation of the bottle will communicate the exact quality of the product.

Our consumer

Our main focus is the female consumer, she is the fastest growing consumer group today.
She is optimistic about the future and willing to invest in well made, delicious, good looking sustainable beverages. She is expecting the brands to lead with her values and meet higher standards for health and social impact.

We love our earth!

We shall provide the consumers with wines and spirits of low environmental impact and preferable with producers following organic philosophy, –  because sustainability matters to us and the Norwegian consumer.

Route to success

Due to the great combination of Palmers team and our knowledge in the wine and spirit business we strongly believe that together with good and serious producers we will achieve our goals.

Join our team with proven track records of winning tenders and organic growth in the market! Contact us today, and we can explain further how we together shall hit the route to success.

Please give Victoria a call at + 47 91 58 74 90 or send her an e mail at: victoria@roxywines.no

So, how does the Norwegian monopoly work?

If you follow this link https://www.vinmonopolet.no/vmp/english-category you will learn all you need to know about the Norwegian monopoly system.

You can also contact us directly and we can tell you all about it. 


Here you can find the latest published tender plan from Vinmonopolet with launch in January, March and May 2021. For more detailed information about the tenders and sampling, please contact Victoria@roxywines.no


Our products will be available throughout Norway with Palmer groups wide distribution network and national and local distributors in Norway and skillful sales team behind.

Cuveco is our logistic partner and is the leading and most efficient logistic partner in Norway with a unique web shop solution reaching out to all Horeca customers in Norway as well as the monopoly shops.